Institutional Research

Under the IPC Institutional Research Program, research staff of the Institute of Philippine Culture are able to embark on theoretically-grounded studies on research topics they deem of interest, such as: the "vote of the poor" (what poor voters look for in electoral candidates and the factors that influence their vote); the lives and times of Filipina Overseas Workers; social change initiatives that help bridge the poverty gap; armed conflict, natural disasters, urban development, and population displacements in the Philippines; knowledge needs, acquisition, and use among the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines; and Filipino families in urban informal settlements; among others.

Special Project No. Title of Project Project Director Partner Institutions(s) (if any) Year Completed
SP27 Paano Naman Kami? Voices of Youth in a Metro Manila Barangay Angela Desiree M. Aguirre 2018
SP26 Mainstreaming Gender and Diversity in the Loyola Schools: Perspectives, practices, and prospects Enrique Niño P. Leviste 2017
SP25 Opportunities for Social Innovation in Public Spaces of the Global South: towards Sustainable Leisure Consumption Practices and Wellbeing for All Erik Akpedonu, Czarina Saloma Akpedonu, Marylne Sahakian 2017
SP24 Data Governance in eHealth Programs: Understanding the Interaction of Health Technologies and Decisionmaking in the HATID ASEAN projects of the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia (HATID GOV) Dennis B. Batangan 2017
SP23 Vote of the Poor 2016: Bottom-up Perception of Electoral and Political Strategies Filomeno V. Aguilar, Jr., Lisandro Elias E. Claudio, Jayeel S. Cornelio, Jose Jowel P. Canuday 2016
SP22 Filipino Families in an Urban Informal Settlement: Traditional and Emerging Family Forms, Challenges, Resiliency Strategies, and Aspirations Angela Desiree M. Aguirre 2015
SP21 Knowledge Needs, Acquisition, and Use among the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines Marita Concepcion Castro Guevara, Eleanor R. Dionisio John J. Carroll Institute on Church and Social Issues 2015
SP20 (Un)Sustainable Food Consumption Dynamics in South/Southeast Asia: Changing patterns, practices and policies among “new consumers” in India and the Philippines Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu, Marylne Sahakian Swiss Network for International Studies 2015
SP19 Population Displacements in the Philippines: Generating Knowledge and Harnessing Stakeholders’ Complementary Expertise Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu Center for Coordination of Research, International Federation of Catholic Universities 2016
SP18 Growing Social Development Institutions: a Manual for Transforming Communities Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu, Ma. Elizabeth J. Macapagal Office of the President, Ateneo de Manila University 2016
SP17 Celebrating the Uncelebrated: Portrayals of Filipina Overseas Workers, 1940-2010 Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu, Zapanta Manlapaz Ateneo Library of Women's Writings 2015
SP16 Models of the World and the World of Our Models: Science, Universities and the Problem of Traffic Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu Office of the President, Ateneo de Manila University 2012
SP15 Building Pride of Place through the Ateneo Cultural Laboratory Fernando N. Zialcita, Czarina Saloma Akpedonu Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Ateneo de Manila University 2015
SP14 IPC at 50: Celebrating Fifty Years of Social Science in the Philippines 2013
SP13 Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Quezon City Urban Poor Communities Cynthia C. Veneracion 2010
SP12 Paano Naman Kami? Voices of Youth in a Manila Informal Settlement (BASECO) Mary Racelis 2009
SP11 In Search of a Cultural Fit: The Convergence of Traditional Social Organizational and External Issue-Based Community Organizing for Aeta and Agta Empowerment Mary Racelis 2010
SP10 "Does IPC Research Make a Difference? Let's Listen to Payatas" Angela Desiree M. Aguirre UNICEF 2010
SP09 A Seminar on Process Documentation Research Angela Desiree M. Aguirre National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women 2008
SP08 Final Preparation for the Publication of 'Selection of Tausug Oral Traditions' Gerard Rixhon 2007
SP07 Organizing Series of Community Book Launches in Five Friendly Cities Angela Desiree M. Aguirre UNICEF 2006
SP06 Preparation of Philippine Case Study as part of the UNDP (Capacity 2015 Asia) support to Issue No. 25 Jeanne Frances I. Illo United Nations Development Programme 2005
SP05 The Social and Institutional Dynamics of Settlements in Informal Settler Communities Leland Joseph R. Dela Cruz Philippines-Australia Land Administration and Management Project 2004
SP04 Study on Local Governance, Children, and the Physical Environment Angela Desiree M. Aguirre Save the Children Sweden 2004
SP03 Conduct of Gender Workshops for the World Vision Kusog Baga Officials and Staff Jeanne Frances I. Illo Canadian International Development Agency 2004


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