Visiting Research Associates Program

The IPC Visiting Research Associates (VRA) Program encourages and facilitates studies of Philippine cultures and societies by scholars (from the Philippines or abroad) who are not regular members of the IPC staff. The IPC welcomes VRAs who wish to do research in any discipline of the social sciences or humanities. Thus, it assists scholars whose major interests are anthropology, art, communication, economics, history, linguistics, music, political science, psychology, and sociology.

VRA appointments are generally granted to postdoctoral fellows, doctoral candidates, and other experienced scholars from the Philippines or abroad. Through the IPC, a non-Filipino scholar residing in a country other than the Philippines can apply for a special non-immigrant visa as defined in Section 47 (a)(2) of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940. While being a VRA offers a formal link with the Institute, the affiliation does not include any salary or stipend; neither does it signify employment with the IPC.

The IPC VRA Lecture Series provides a venue for the VRAs to present the nature and findings of their research as well as their initial conclusions to an interested public.

To know more about the VRA Application Procedure, please click here.

VRA No. Name of VRA Title of Project Institution and Country Affiliation Period
452 Aslihan Saygili States versus Stateless Nations: The Politics of Self-Determination in Emerging Democracies Department of Political Science, Columbia University, USA 2016
451 Matthew Nicdao Corporeal Technē of Empire in the Literary and Visual Cultures of 19th Century Spanish Colonial Philippines New York University, USA 2016
450 Thomas Paul Gibson Indigenous Rights and Religious Nationalism in the Philippines: Lessons for the ASEAN Economic Community Department of Anthropology, University of Rochester, USA 2016
449 Alyssa Paredes Altering Asia’s Banana Republic? The Making of an “Alternative” Commodity Chain along the Pacific Rim Yale University, USA
2016 to 2018
448 Marivic Lesho Language Attitudes and Sociophonetic Variation in Philippine English and Filipino Universitaet Bremen, Germany 2016
447 Stephanie T. Fajardo GI-Filipina Relations and the Management of Intimacy in the Postwar Philippines History Department, University of Michigan, USA
2016 to 2017
446 Atsuko Hayama Capital Seizure in the Philippine Uplands from the Viewpoint of Lumber Distribution Faculty of Economics, Kurume University, Japan
2016 to 2017
445 Carlos Isabel Gala Education in the Press: 19th Century Philippine Newspaper Reporting on the Primary School System Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain 2016
444 Bu Fan Sustainability and Community Participation: The Dilemma of Eco-friendly Development Pattern of Palawan, Philippines Peking University, China 2015
443 Mark Sanchez Recapturing a Lost Democracy: Philippine Exile Politics and Opposition to Ferdinand Marcos, 1972-1986 Department of History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
2015 to 2016
442 Karen Hansen Reconfiguring the Self in the Shadow of Empire: Local Experiences of Lifestyle Migration on an island in the Philippines Australian National University, Australia
2016 to 2017
441 Morgan Mouton Powering up Urban Change LATTS - Université Paris-Est, France 2015
440 Michael A. Rubin Accountability in Rebel Regimes Columbia University, USA 2015
439 Caroline Compton “Scale and the Epistemology of Rights and Property in Post Disaster and Climate Adaptive Relocation College of Law, Australian National University
2015 to 2016
438 Nicole Elizabeth del Rosario CuUnjieng Pan-Asianism and the Philippine Revolution Southeast Asian and International History, Yale University, USA 2015
437 Earl Perez Foust Novel Beliefs: Politics of Belonging in the Philippine Rizalista Movement University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 2015
436 Hiroyuki Yamamoto The Contribution of Local Knowledge to Disaster Risk Management in the Philippines Center for Integrated Area Studies, Kyoto University, Japan
2015 to 2016
435 Adele Webb The colonial construction of Philippines’ democracy and its legacy in middle class imaginings of political freedom University of Sydney, Australia 2015
434 Alfredo Magsaysay-Rosete Assets, Access, Power and Contract-farming in the Philippines University of Massachusetts, USA 2015
433 Stefanie Meier Beyond borders – language and migration of Philippine nurses on their way to Switzerland and Germany University of Basel, Switzerland 2015
432 Teilhard Paradela Constituting the People: Mass Media in the Philippines during the Marcos Regime, 1965 – 1986 Department of History, University of British Columbia, Canada
2014 to 2015
431 Chien Wen Kung An Alternative Asia: Nationalist China, the Philippines, and the Making of Asian Anticommunism, 1945-1975 Columbia University, USA
2014 to 2015
430 Katie Whitcombe The Consequences of Forces Overseas: A Look at post World War II U.S Philippine Relations University of Oxford, United Kingdom 2014
429 Noah Theriault THE DREAMS OF OTHERS: Palawan Ontology and the Fantasies of Environmental Government Department of International and Area Studies, University of Oklahoma, USA 2014
428 Aparna Uday Parikh Bangalore to Manila: Examining Neoliberalization and Migration through Call Centers Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University, USA 2014


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